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Types of Shades

Discover the perfect shades for your space with our wide range of options. We offer a variety of shades, including office window treatments, to fit your needs.

custom roller shades for windows

Roller Shades

Our popular roller shades are a marvel. They lend luxury and elegance to any space without trying too hard. This type of window treatment further provides the perfect smooth roll-up mechanism while also giving your office or home a sophisticated appearance.

honeycomb cellular shades for windows

Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Honeycomb cellular shades are fabric window treatments made of layered fabrics that form cellular honeycomb-like compartments. Our honeycomb window treatments are not only durable and affordable but also the perfect ones to block external noise. The cellular shades also have great insulation properties as their cells can trap air which enables these window treatments to keep your room warm in cold months and cool in warm months. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, these shades can be customized to match your office décor. Besides, we have multiple honeycomb shades with a variety of light filtering options you can choose from. Our cellular shades can be the perfect window treatments for your office as they filter natural light and provide privacy in commercial settings. This is possible as they are made of sheer fabric at the top while the bottom is made of blackout fabric.

interior plantation shutters for windows

Plantation Shutters

In addition to shades, you can also add a curb appeal to your space using shutters. Unlike curtains, shutters are better at regulating the distribution of natural light in your room and are also a great help in keeping energy bills down. Besides, they’re a natural sound barrier making them perfect for bedrooms and offices. And if you loathe the hassle of removing curtains for washing or trying to dust your window blinds, then plantation shutters are your perfect choice, as they’re easy to keep clean. With shutters, all you have to do is wipe down the slats with a damp cloth once per week, and that’s it! At RD Shades, we have beautiful plantation shutters that come in a classic, timeless design and that are bound to complement any color scheme effortlessly.

Zebra shades or banded transitional shades for windows

Banded Transitional Shades

If you’re looking for elegant and trendy window coverings, then you should consider our popular zebra shades. Banded shades are popular types of fashion-trending window treatments that are quickly gaining popularity for a good reason. These shades bring class to any room. Made of horizontal interchanging sheer and opaque fabrics, these blinds are the perfect hybrid of sheer and roller shades all in one. Our transitional dual shades are made of a broad spectrum of colors, and the fabric options vary from textured to natural, plain, and metallic. Besides, banded shades are easy-to-use panels that can be easily adjusted to change the mood of your space. Further, our zebra shades come with motorization options which include plug-in and battery versions of motors. Undoubtedly, banded shaded blinds are one of the best window treatments as they are not only affordable but also bring out the best in every window.

fabric roman shades

Roman shades

If natural materials give you satisfaction, consider using woven wood as a window treatment. Woven wood shades are not only recyclable, but you can also remote control them. And if you’re looking for window treatments for large windows, you don’t have to worry, as these shades are fully customizable. Besides, they come in a variety of colors and have a rustic natural look that creates a unique welcoming atmosphere to any room. In addition to their unique aesthetic, woven wood shades are also durable and can last for years with the right care. At RD Shades, we have a wide variety of woven wood materials which makes it easier for you to choose your preferred option that will complement your office or home style. And if you love to enjoy a darkened room during the day, we have woven wood shades that come with blackout liners. The liners will block out the sun completely, leaving you to enjoy a more comfortable rest.

cordless window blinds


Sometimes, you may be looking for blinds and shades for windows, but you’re on a budget. In such a case, a good window cover option to consider is blinds. These don’t cost the earth, and most are cheaper than window curtains. For instance, we have faux wood blinds that not only add a unique aesthetic to your room but are also cheaper compared to real wood blinds. Besides, our blinds come in a wide range of styles and materials, including wood and faux wood. And since blinds are great for light filtering, they are perfect if you’re shopping for window treatments for your bedroom, home office, or home theater. Window blinds also give you more control over the amount of heat you allow into your space, as you can tilt, open, or close them fully. They are also easy to keep clean, as occasional dusting is good enough to keep them looking new for years.

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