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honeycomb cellular shades for windows

Cellular Shades

Honeycomb Shades are built with beauty and your comfort in mind, featuring durable, low-maintenance fabrics and a wide spectrum of designer colors, neutrals, and bold hues. Honeycomb Shades are among the most energy-efficient window coverings available. The insular property of honeycomb fabric is attributed to its unique cellular construction. The signature candlelight glow and handcrafted feel of the honeycomb fabric bring world-class elegance to your home, office, or retail environment.

Options Include

  • Premium or Lift and Lock Cordless System
  • Motorized, Cordless, or Continuous Cord
  • Solar Recharge Kit (in lieu of battery wand)
  • Compatible with smartphone and tablet
  • Top down, bottom up, or side-to-side operation
  • Two shades to mount to one rail (each can operate independently)
  • Translucent fabric on top to enhance light
  • Blackout fabric on bottom to eliminate light
  • Fan Style arches, quarter circles & top-down

Features & Benefits

  • Superior insulation and energy efficiency
  • No visible cords or cord holes reduce light leaks and add to the visual appeal
  • Fabric available in wide widths to cover large expansive windows with no seams or overlap
  • Neutral white backing provides uniform appearance to the outside of the home
  • 100% crisp polyester fabric repels dust and dirt, and is easy to clean and maintain
  • Multiple design options and operating systems
  • Create unlimited custom lighting solutions with a full range of opacities
  • Translucent fabrics feature rich, vibrant colors
  • Blackout fabrics offer extended light control and privacy
  • Translucent fabrics feature rich, vibrant colors
brown cellular shades
elegant honeycomb cellular shades
honeycomb cellular shades for windows by RD shades

The insular property of Honeycomb fabrics is attributed to its unique cellular construction. The signature candlelight glow and handcrafted feel of the Honeycomb fabric brings world-class elegance to your home, office or retail environment.

Honeycomb Cellular Shades - What Are They?

Honeycomb shades derive their name from their honeycomb cell-like structure. When you look at these shades from the side, they look like a honeycomb. When observed from the front, the window treatments have uniform beautiful pleated shades with subtle horizontal lines.

This popular window treatment is also referred to as cellular shades. They are made of one continuous fabric that is bonded together to form honeycomb-shaped cells. Their single, double, or triple-layered design enables them to trap air and provide excellent insulation and light filtering.

At RD Shades, our cellular shades come in various colors, pleat sizes, and light control options, including blackout, translucent, and day/night.

elegant honeycomb cellular shades


Cellular shades have multiple fabric cells that expand and contract when you raise or lower them. The unique feature of these pleated shades is their innovative honeycomb-shaped pockets on each of the cells that trap air.

Another reason why these window treatments are popular with most homeowners is that they’re easy to operate and come in multiple operating options. You can use the traditional way of lowering them from top to bottom. If you have safety concerns, you can buy cordless cellular shades, and if you’re using them for high-up or larger windows, you can go for the ones with motorized systems.

Double-Celled or Single-Celled?

Cellular shades can be double-celled or single-celled. Double cells are ideal for small or mid-sized windows. They provide better insulation and are heavier than single-celled shades. Since double-cell honeycomb shades are heavy, they aren’t recommended for large windows as the shades will strain the cord, causing bowing.

Single-celled cellular shades are light, making them excellent for large windows. However, these have only a single layer of insulation.

Why Choose Our Cellular Shades?

Better insulation

As mentioned earlier, the cellular fabric of the honeycomb shades is what creates pockets of air that act as a barrier against heat loss during the cold months. During summer, honeycomb shade will block out the sun’s heat and keep your room cool.

Energy efficiency

Due to their excellent insulation properties, honeycomb shades increase energy efficiency. You won’t have to incur high energy bills or strain your AC in an effort to control the temperatures.


Cellular shades have multiple layers that block out light better than other window treatments. The layers make it difficult for anyone to see through the shades from the outside.  If you’re looking for extra privacy, you can purchase our double-celled cellular shades that come with room-darkening or blackout fabric.

Light control

Although translucent honeycomb shades allow light to filter through them, you can’t see through them. Blackout shades provide better light control as they completely block out the light. When blackout honeycomb window shades are closed, you’ll successfully catch some sleep even when the sun is brightly shining. This makes them excellent for bedrooms and other rooms that need maximum privacy.

Noise cancellation

If you live near a busy street or a noisy neighborhood, cellular shades are a must-have in your home or office. Honeycomb window shades help reduce noise due to the pockets of air created by the single or double cells in these window treatments. This way, you can enjoy quiet time in your home, even when near a noisy environment.

Slim profile

Cellular shades have a sleek minimalist look due to their slim profile. They are easily hidden by the header rail, and when the cellular shade fabric is raised, the shade will stack at the top.

Serving Central Texas

Located in Austin TX

Customer Support

Mon - Sat: 9am - 7:30pm

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