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custom roller shades for windows

Roller shades

Exquisitely crafted for elegance and practicality, these shades come in a variety of designs suitable for any space, large or small. From minimalistic styles perfect for compact areas to motorized solutions for large, statement windows, our roller shades provide seamless light control and privacy. With a palette ranging from classic neutrals to vibrant patterns and a selection of materials, these shades are also safe and easy to operate, making them a go-to choice for homes with children or pets. Experience the sophistication of RD Roller Shades, where style meets functionality.

Options Include

  • Fully automated systems including Somfy battery motors, Sonesse 30, Sonesse 40, AMP Li-ion, and Rollease Li-ion.
  • Manual and Cordless options.
  • A variety of Fascia sizes: 3″, 4″, 5″, 7″, available in multiple colors.
  • Cassette options with Curved and Flat profiles.
  • Choice between Reverse or Front Roll.
  • Bottom rail options: Sealed, welded internal bottom rails for a seamless look, or the Deco Hem Bar for a color-coordinated modern accent. The Deco Hem Bar can also be inserted into a pocket for a heavy-duty look.
  • Cassettes available in 5 different colors: Alabaster, Anodized, Black, Bronze, and White.
  • Both Indoor and Outdoor Shades are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Industry Leading Fabrics by Mermet in a variety of styles: Decorative, Screen, Solid, Natural, and Blackout.
  • Fabrics are Flame Resistant (FR), GREENGUARD certified, and Oeko-Tex available, indicating a commitment to safety and environmental standards.
  • AMP™ Motorization, Somfy® and Rollease offer high-quality, reliable automation for the roller shades.
  • Best For Kids™ Cordless Option for enhanced safety in environments with children.
  • Layer dual shades for enhanced light control, providing flexibility in light and privacy management.
white roller shades for windows
custom roller shades
roller shades by RD Shades

The modern elegance of Roller Shades stems from their minimalist design. Their refined aesthetics subtly complement your home or office, enhancing light control while maintaining a sleek presence. Roller Shades effortlessly balance utility and sophistication, creating a tailored ambiance in any setting.

CUSTOM ROLLER SHADES: Just what you were looking for

The RD Shades roller shades come with a wide range of benefits. They’re trendy, cost-effective, easy to maintain, and easy to operate. Not sure where the RD Shades roller shades fit in your space? Here are a few suggestions:

Perfect for Small Spaces

Minimal and modern roller shades for windows are the perfect shade type if you’re working in a small room. They provide a seamless design to your small space and will not draw attention away from it. Besides, they have a space-enhancing design that allows them to fit close to windows. And unlike curtains, roller shades tend to visually disappear and won’t get caught up in window sills or furniture.

Reverse Roller Shades for Light Control

Reverse rollers are the perfect choice of window treatments for rooms that require lots of light. This type of solar shaded rolls over the tube like a waterfall creating a gap between the window and the shade. As a result, more light will filter through the sides of the window treatment. The reverse solar shades also create a clean seamless look as it is able to conceal the roller tube and any other hardware on the shade.  

Further, if you have windows with cranks, installing reverse shades might be an excellent option, as you’ll have an easier time accessing the handles without the need to raise the window covering.

Motorized Shades for Floor to Ceiling Windows

Large windows make a statement in any space and are perfect for people who desire an open atmosphere in their dwelling. If you have floor-to-ceiling windows, you’re better off investing in motorized roller window shades, as you can easily raise or lower them at the touch of a button. Have your motorized solar shade custom-made at RD Shades to ensure it fits your room aesthetics and your window perfectly.

Block Out the Light Using Blackout Shades

Thinking of getting window treatments that can completely block out the light? Try our blackout fabric roller shades that come with blackout fabric. These window treatments offer total darkness and are also designed to minimize light gaps making them ideal for bedrooms.

Safe Cordless Roller Shades

If your home has young children or pets, consider getting the RD cordless roller shades. Roller shades look sleeker and cleaner and are also much safer. Their installation process is easy, and just like cellular shades, all you have to do is simply pull your cordless roller shades up or down with your hands when you want to operate them.

Enhance Privacy with Outdoor Roller Shades

Outdoor roller shades can help reduce prying eyes. They also offer a wide variety of other benefits, including saving you lots of energy bills, protecting your light-sensitive plants and furniture, and also keeping outside elements such as insects, wind, and rain from your patio or veranda. 

As an added benefit, these shades come in a range of colors, patterns, and fabrics. At RD Shades, we also offer custom installation, which makes the installation process easy. Our expert designers will come and install your outdoor shades, ensuring they safely remain in place.

With a clean and classic look, Roller Shades are offered in a variety of fabrics and screens to enhance your environment with comfort, beauty, and energy-saving value. 

Serving Central Texas

Located in Austin TX

Customer Support

Mon - Sat: 9am - 7:30pm

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