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Zebra shades or banded transitional shades for windows


Also known as “Zebra Shades,” our transitional shades are fabricated in our own factory with the attention to detail that these beautiful, high-end shades deserve. 

Options Include

  • Deep-dimensional style fabrics
  • Dimout fabrics
  • Soft Sheer shades
  • Stripe size varieties
  • 100+ patterns with the most popular colors

Features & Benefits

  • Enclosed bottom rail to prevent a light gap in the bottom (select fabrics only)
  • Cassettes included
  • Color coordinating hardware
  • MOTORIZATION OPTIONS: Available with plug-in and battery versions of motors from Somfy and Li-ion battery options from AMP and Rollease motor systems.
dark zebra shades
banded transitional shades for windows by RD Shades
transitional shades

Zebra Shades provide unique adaptability with their alternating sheer and opaque bands. With robust construction and effortless operation, they offer dynamic light control. Their versatile style suits any interior, embodying a practical and stylish window treatment choice.

Banded Transitional (Zebra) Shades

Transitional banded shades are commonly referred to as zebra shades. Unlike what most people think, zebra shades aren’t made of black and white striped fabrics.

What Are Zebra Shades?

Zebra shades, also known as layered and dual shades, are more like your standard roller shades but with a twist. They are made of alternating sheer and opaque fabric bands in the same shade, providing two light options. This makes it possible for them to transition from day to night easily.

The window treatments get their name from their unique stripes of opaque and sheer material.  At the top of the shade, the material wraps around a roller that is put under a strong aluminum rail.

How Banded Shades Work?

The ability to adjust the stripes of the zebra shades from sheer to opaque gives you better control of how much light or privacy your space receives. When you’re in need of more light, simply overlap the solid fabric bands so that light can filter in the sheer stripes. When you need more privacy or want to darken the room, adjust the shades of the window covering so that the opaque bands can be spaced out. Banded shades transition your room from dark to light in seconds.

Reasons to Install Transitional Banded Shades into Your Space

Light Control and Privacy

Zebra shades provide the benefits of light filtering and privacy all in one roller shade.

These window treatments, due to their alternating fabrics, give you lots of light control options. For instance, the sheer bands help filter light, reduce glare, and offer protection from UV rays. On the other hand, the opaque bands provide room-darkening benefits and privacy that is perfect for nighttime or movie hour.

When the solid stripes are overlapping then, natural light is able to filter through to give your space the brightness it requires. When the solid bands are spaced out, your shades will shut out the outside world and make your room darker.


Banded window shades are made of high-quality cotton and PES (Polyethersulfone). PES is a high-quality, safe, and non-toxic polymer. PES is also durable, strong, and easy to clean and maintain. With the right maintenance, zebra shades can last for years. To keep the color palettes of your layered shades looking fresh and new, dust them lightly once per week.


Zebra shades are considered transitional, meaning they are ideal for both contemporary and traditional home styles. Due to their clean lines, they are perfect for modern spaces, while the soft sheer fabric makes them excellent for traditional décor. Besides, they’re suitable for small and large windows, and you can also install them in any room without compromising on privacy or light control.


Zebra shades are trendy and stylish. They have a sleek minimalist look that complements most home décor styles. They have the functionality of blinds and a more elegant and crisp look of shades. Zebra shades also come in a variety of shade colors, from bold colors such as black and yellow to gentle cream and taupe. 

For homes with children or pets or for homeowners who want to do away with bothersome cords, the RD cordless banded roller shades are the best option. A motorized wand for your zebra shades is even better if you want easier adjustment options.

Serving Central Texas

Located in Austin TX

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